Sing along with me!

I usually listen to music while working. The last CD that I bought is an album by Pentatonix. Here it is: The band is an American quintet, famous for performing song covers. It formed in 2011 for the purpose of participating in the third season of The Sing-Off. Eventually they won in the show, receiving $200,000 and a recording contract with Sony Music. By now the group has released 10 albums and its videos receive millions of views. Pentatonix have won three Grammy Awards as well! They’re so young and so talented! Oh, I’ve forgotten to mention one important fact – they sing a capella! I’ve been to their concert in Chicago and my hands hurt from clapping. The combination of basslines, riffing and beatboxing plus incredible vocal harmonies of the artists produced an unforgettable impression on me!
Returning again to PTX’s last album, I’d like to write a couple of words about my favorite song called ‘Take on me’. (In fact, you can listen to its sample online). Compared to the original version, it sounds differently, but not worse! I like the rhythm changes in the verses and the chorus, a pop-style arrangement and Scott Hoying’s solos. Or maybe I’m a crazy fan of PTX and no matter what they perform, I’ll adore it!


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