An artist I’d like to tell you about

I’m not a shopaholic, however, I’ve got a lot of stuff at home: vintage figurines, modern paintings, embroidered napkins, money boxes and a collection of plush rabbits. These things provide a positive environment and inspire me to create new workpieces. The artist gets energy from something beautiful, whether inside or outside his house. That’s why there’s nothing better for me than a stroll in the evening park. When the weather’s fine, I can easily spend half of a day there feeding pigeons, reading and making sketches. I’m not so good at painting but I know someone who really is! The name of this artist is Leonid Afremov. He currently resides in a Mexican resort city Playa del Carmen which is situated along the Caribbean Sea. Wow! It’s always warm there cause average temperatures don’t fall below 20°C all year around. I also think that local scenery is an inexhaustible source of new ideas for Afremov’s canvases. It’s not surprising that he’s got many seascapes displayed on his site However, they depict not only Mexico. Leonid likes to travel, so we can see paintings of Australia, Italy, Belgium, the USA and other magnificent countries in his gallery. He doesn’t have to take a camera – he’s got a palette knife instead!

My heart stopped beating when I saw a landscape with an icy mountain. For me, this picture is perfect:

  • It portrays a highland climate the way it really is. Snowy peaks and green grass is an everyday occurrence for people who live in the mountains.
  • Owing to the shades of brown and green, the landscape doesn’t look cold. It’s rather springlike.
  • The melting snow turns into a river which has stolen the color of the sky – pure blue. The water is so clean that we see the reflection of trees in it. This scenery is incomparable!

As you understand, I’ve purchased this canvas, I couldn’t help it. Though, to tell the truth, I was afraid that Afremov would cheat me. There are so many fraudsters today, ready to rob you of every cent! The voice in my head kept asking ‘To buy or not to buy?’ But finally the decision was made and soon I received Leonid’s artwork. I was satisfied with everything including quality and size. It’s absolutely hand-painted as one can notice the strokes of a palette knife all along the canvas. There’s also Afremov’s signature in the corner and I must say he’s got a nice handwriting!:) A talented man is talented in everything he does!







Sing along with me!

I usually listen to music while working. The last CD that I bought is an album by Pentatonix. Here it is: The band is an American quintet, famous for performing song covers. It formed in 2011 for the purpose of participating in the third season of The Sing-Off. Eventually they won in the show, receiving $200,000 and a recording contract with Sony Music. By now the group has released 10 albums and its videos receive millions of views. Pentatonix have won three Grammy Awards as well! They’re so young and so talented! Oh, I’ve forgotten to mention one important fact – they sing a capella! I’ve been to their concert in Chicago and my hands hurt from clapping. The combination of basslines, riffing and beatboxing plus incredible vocal harmonies of the artists produced an unforgettable impression on me!
Returning again to PTX’s last album, I’d like to write a couple of words about my favorite song called ‘Take on me’. (In fact, you can listen to its sample online). Compared to the original version, it sounds differently, but not worse! I like the rhythm changes in the verses and the chorus, a pop-style arrangement and Scott Hoying’s solos. Or maybe I’m a crazy fan of PTX and no matter what they perform, I’ll adore it!

Something to start with

Hi! I’m Kate Black. My passion is handicraft. To be precise, I create resin jewelry. Inside of my future brooch I put a pressed flower, pour a layer of resin over it and wait till it’s dry. This kind of work is tedious, partly monotonous but I love it! Though nowadays you can press plants using a microwave, I prefer an old-fashioned method – a herbarium. It’s like giving flowers a second life. Sometimes I sell my jewelry for fashion shows and then my hobby brings in a better return. Apart from handicraft, I’m fond of painting and skiing. So I can’t live without mountains on canvas and in real life too!